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Carl Nevitt is the chief artist and designer at Big Sky Studio. Carl has been crafting stained and art glass projects for almost 18 years and has been doing business as Big Sky Studio in Pagosa Springs for almost 6 years. Carl learned the art of stained glass at Rayer’s Bearden Stained Glass Studio located in Wichita, Kansas. He has continued his education in the art attending several workshops and seminars over the years.

Like most stained glass artists, Carl first learned the stained glass art as a hobby and way to meet nice people. While making gifts for family and friends Carl began to get requests from friends to “fix” this project or make a “small window”. After moving to Colorado in 2001, Carl decided to try stained glass as a way of making a living and has been doing so ever since.

As of January 2007, Carl has taught over 120 people the art of stained glass in his workshops and has produced over 200 projects in the Pagosa Springs area. Carl’s work can be seen in some of the finest homes and businesses in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. The Community United Methodist Church in Pagosa Springs is also displaying Carl’s restoration work of their 100-year-old plus windows.

Carl Nevitt
Carl Nevitt


Carl has had his work selected for several exhibits and showings in the Pagosa Springs area and continues to “stretch the art” of stained glass as is represented in his work titled “Mad Cow”.

Mom, (Marjorie Nevitt), is also an important part of Big Sky Studio. Mom can be contacted about color schemes, glass and supplies and will be very helpful in making your visit to our studio enjoyable.

We also have a mascot, Zacchaeus the wee little dog. Zac is a Welsh Corgi who actually runs the studio but is not very good at answering questions. He will give you a nice welcome though!

Perhaps you’re visiting Pagosa Spring for our world class skiing. Maybe a soak in the world's largest hot spring, fishing or river rafting. Whatever the reason, visitors are always welcome at Big Sky Studio where you can view works in progress or purchase completed projects.

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Tiffany Wall Sconce
Tiffany Wall Sconce
This wall sconce demonstrates the lighting possibilities using stained and art glass. This wall sconce was produced using a Tiffany “Woodbine” pattern. This wall sconce and any fixture can be produced using colors and textures that match your decor. These are definitely one of kind and would add a nice artistic touch to your home.

Price: $225

Mad Cow
Mad Cow is an actual cow skull that I found 30 years ago on my farm in Kansas. He was located in the middle of the largest Tall Grass Prairie left on the planet. After having it lay around the yard for 26 years I decided to use it for a three dimensional art glass piece. I painted Mad Cow black and covered it with 327 pieces of black iridescent mirror glass and two turquoise eyes. Each piece of glass was hand cut, hand ground, hand foiled and hand soldered to the piece. If I hadn’t found Mad Cow he would probably still be laying in the middle of Kansas with nothing to do.

Carl and Mad CowMad cow was chosen for a juried art show at the Pagosa Springs Art Council in 2003. It was accepted for a showing at the Bayfield Library in 2004 and was chosen for a show at the Shy Rabbit Studio in Pagosa called “Primarily Found Objects” in 2006.

Price: $500

Mad Cow

Tiffany Wall Sconce

Mother’s Hibiscus

This piece was made using 128 pieces of the finest art glass. The clear glass is a textured glass called “Reed Glass”. The glass has vertical, evenly spaced textured lines that provide a lot of light transmission but cannot be seen through. This type of glass is good for projects where privacy is necessary without sacrificing the available light. It is a good choice for bath windows on outside walls. The piece was professionally framed for placement in a window.

Price: $395

Tiffany Window
This window was originally designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany in 1913. The window is very detailed and contains nearly 500 pieces. Each piece is hand cut, hand ground, hand foiled and soldered together. This window is not just a replica but an exact copy of the original window using the highest quality materials. This window along with any window design can be reproduced for your home.

Price: $1195

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Tiffany Wall Sconce

3 Sisters

3 Sisters Lamp
This lamp is called a “table lantern” and was meant as an accent piece for the home or a big night light.

The lamp has three sides and was made with 75 pieces of art glass. Each piece was hand foiled with copper and soldered together. The base was crafted from a ponderosa pine tree I found right here in the San Juan National forest. Each side has a different patina. One side was left with the lead or silver look of solder. One side has a copper patina and the other black.

I chose the name three sisters because I happen to have three sisters. This was also the inspiration for building the lamp. Each side was made with the same pattern, just like my sisters, but each side is also very different with different colors, textures and patinas.

Price: $225

Big Sky Studio can manufacture windows that can be installed over your existing windows with no messy construction work and can be taken with you if you move or easily removed for cleaning.
Lamp window

Lamp butterfly



PayPalFor your convenience, Big Sky Stained Glass Studio has a PayPal premier account.

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